Hardware pre-installed on doors:
Looking to save cost on labor in the field? Why not have the hardware pre-installed by our shop, you’ll save time & money. Our shop is factory certified and capable of installing finish hardware on your doors quickly and correctly because they deal with a variety of hardware applications daily. Proper hardware installation reduces troubleshooting in the future.

Field Installation:
Field installation is available as well on doors/frame/hardware, toilet partitions, toilet accessories, and lockers.

Jobsite Delivery
We are committed to getting your material on site when it is needed during the phases of your construction project. All items are marked with individual opening numbers and checked for accuracy before they leave our warehouse.

Master Keying
Master Keying on conventional and interchangeable core cylinders is done at our Allentown, PA location. We’ll work together with the contractor and owner to set up a secure structured key system that can be expanded at some point in the future.

Specification Writing
Builders Door & Hardware, Inc. offers specification writing services to the architect and end-user. Detailed specifications ensure that the correct and desired hardware is being used on every opening to ensure proper function and longevity. Let us help you get it right the first time around.